One Earth Energy reserves the right to reject and/or require testing for GMO corn unapproved for export.

We use locally grown grains at our facility to help enhance the economic development of American Agriculture.

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Tractor won in an FFA raffle.

Tractor won in an FFA raffle.

October 1, 2015

One Earth Energy employees prepare to keep their community safe.

One Earth Energy announced that it had conducted an emergency response drill to exercise various community resources.  The drill was held at 6 pm on September 28th to exercise the local Fire Department, Ambulance, Hospital, Gibson City Police Department, Ford County Sheriff Department, Ford County Emergency Planning Committee, Ford County Public Health Department and the One Earth Energy Emergency Response Team.

The Drill simulated an ethanol spill that had affected one employee.  An employee of One Earth Energy found a fellow coworker passed out in the tank farm and called into the Control Room to set up an emergency response.  The Control Room Supervisor made the call to 911 for Emergency Services, put the plant into recirculation and had an employee go and shut down the natural gas.  Incident Command was set up and One Earth Energy Decontamination and Hazmat teams got assembled and dressed while the Maintenance staff set up the Ethanol foam at the hydrants and started to apply foam to the spill area.  The Gibson City Ambulance arrived and was directed to the scene to get set up for the Patient. The Gibson City Fire Department arrived and set up additional foam operations and set up their water for Decontamination.  One Earth Energy and Gibson City Fire Department decontaminated the employee and passed care over to the Gibson City Ambulance Paramedics to provide care for the patient.  The patient was then sent to the Hospital for care and observation.  During the Drill the Gibson City Police Department and Ford County Sheriff Department took care of watching the Parameter of the plant and setting up road blocks.  Once the spill was deemed cleared from Hazardous or Explosive vapors, Bodine Environmental who was called at the beginning of the drill had a truck ready to properly dispose of the residual product and foam.  the Drill was then terminated and all participants in the drill had a debriefing on how the drill went and voice any concerns that were present.

"We are pleased to have these types of resources in our community, just in case we need them", said Steve Kelly, President of One Earth Energy.  One Earth Energy shipped 3,191 hazardous carloads last year that safely traveled over 1.2 million miles.  "Our process is very safe, but it is important that we excise our responders as well as our internal team so we are prepared", said Kelly.

The community partners in the drill include Gibson City Fire, Gibson City Police, Gibson City Ambulance, Ford County Sheriff Department, Gibson City Hospital, and Ford County EMA and Public Health Department.  The drill is prepared and managed by Safety First of Urbana and the Safety Manager of One Earth Energy.  "It is great to work with a client that makes safety a #1 priority", said Rhonda Foster owner of Safety First.  "One Earth goes the extra mile when it comes to safety and that says a lot for their company", said Foster

One Earth Energy is a producer of ethanol, corn oil and distiller's grain located in Gibson City, Illinois.

Safety First is a safety consulting company that partners with companies like One Earth Energy, to prepare, train and consult.  Safety First has been in business since 2002, and served clients all over the US.


Address of the event was: 202 N. Jordan Drive, Gibson City, Illinois

Contact: Rhonda Foster, Safety First - P:217-722-5365 or

            Kent Daniels, One Earth Energy - P:217-784-5321

September 29, 2015

Plant Shut-Down (routine maintenance)

The plant will be shut down for routine maintenance from Monday, October 12 to Friday, October 16th, 2015.  We will not be taking corn that week or accepting container's for Dry Distiller's Grain.

July 3, 2015

Renewable Fuels Association

America's Premiere Energy Program



May 8, 2015

Thoroughbred Chemical Safety Award from Norfolk Southern

One Earth Energy announced today that it received the Thoroughbred Chemical Safety Award for 2014 from Norfolk Southern in recognition of their safe handling of hazardous chemical products.

For 19 years, Norfolk Southern has presented this award to customers who ship 1,000 carloads or more of hazardous chemical products across our network without a single incident for the year.  Norfolk Southern congratulates One Earth Energy's team of employees for their outstanding performance in achieving this safety standard.

Norfolk Southern's service is based on their commitment to safety, and Norfolk Southern appreciates the diligence to industry-leading safety practices demonstrated by One Earth Energy.

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Mission Statement

We are committed to being an efficient producer of ethanol and distillers' grain, maximizing returns, and enhancing the economic development of American agriculture.

We intend to add value to locally grown grains by providing a local outlet to process the corn grown in the area, and at the same time, increase the total demand for corn in this region. To meet this mission, we will provide a processing facility that will allow members to invest in a growing industry.