MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY = COMMERCIAL DAYS                                   TUESDAY & THURSDAYS = PRODUCER DAYS   



Please contact Steve Kelly, Jeff Kapraun or Sherry Quinlan for your grain merchandising needs. Phone: 217-784-5321 or email skelly@oneearthenergy.com, jkapraun@oneearthenergy.com or squinlan@oneearthenergy.com. 

Cash Bids

Cash Bids are subject to change any time without notice. The CBOT Trading hours: Sun-Fri, 7:00 PM-7:45 AM; 8:30 AM - 1:15 PM CST.

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One Earth Energy reserves the right to reject and/or require testing for GMO corn unapproved for export.

Price Later Contract

  • Call for details on Price Later contracts  
  • Grain must be priced by Aug. 28, 2024.  
  • Bushels will be shrunk and dried to 15.0% Moisture
  • Max Moisture 18%.  Please call if above 20%, subject to rejection.
  • Can set price anytime CBOT is trading.
  • Title will pass to One Earth Energy at the time of delivery.  Must inform Grain Buyer before delivery of intentions to use PL Contract.
  • Program is subject to space restrictions at the facility.

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Corn Dump Hours

 Corn dump Hours:

Monday 7/22/24 7AM - 5PM COMMERCIAL
Tuesday 7/23/24 7AM - 5PM PRODUCER     
Wednesday 7/24/24 7AM - 5PM COMMERCIAL
Thursday 7/25/24 7AM - 5PM PRODUCER

Friday 7/26/24 7AM - 5 PM COMMERCIAL


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What's Happening

Governor signs SB1289 Safety and Aid for the Environment in Carbon Capture and Sequestration Act.

Illinois Governor signs bill