One Earth Energy reserves the right to reject and/or require testing for GMO corn unapproved for export.

We use locally grown grains at our facility to help enhance the economic development of American Agriculture.

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Corn Dump Hours

Thursday, October 19, Closed

Friday, October 20, Closed

Re-Open Monday, October 23, 7 am to 3 pm

Normal dump hours

  Friday 7:00-5:30



















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Norfolk Southern Chemical Safety Award

Norfolk Southern Chemical Safety Award.

August 29, 2017

Grain Contracts & Policies

Please go to the Grain tab and check out the new "One Earth Energy Grain Contracts and Policies" that go into effect on September 1st.

March 17, 2017

Annual Meeting

We will have our Annual Meeting on Monday, June 19th at the Pear Tree Estate.

January 12, 2017

Enogen Corn

To whom it may concern:

One Earth Energy is not going to purchase Enogen Corn for use in making ethanol for the crop year of 2017.  No contractual agreements are in place for this Identity preserved corn, and to our information zero acres will be grown in the state of Illinois in 2017.


Steven Kelly

September 30, 2016

Emergency Drill

One Earth Energy conducted and emergency response drill to exercise various community resources on September 12th.

Participating in the drill were the Gibson City Fire Protection District, Gibson Area Ambulance Service, Gibson Area Hospital, Gibson City Police Department, Ford County Sheriff's Office, Ford County Emergency Management Agency, Ford County Public Health Department, Saybrook Fire Department and the One Earth Energy emergency response team.

The drill simulated a dryer fire as an employee of One Earth energy found fire coming out of a dryer and called the control room to set up an emergency response.

The control room supervisor called 911, put the plant into recirculation and had an employee to and shut down the natural gas.

Incident command was set up, and evacuation with a personnel head count was done with One Earth's fire pump being turned on.

Gibson City firefighters arrived and were directed to the scene to set up.  Gibson City firefighters started to spray down the fire and also called in the Saybrook Fire Department for assistance.

During fire operations, a firefighter went down who needed assistance to get to the Saybrook First Responders, who started to threat the fireman until the ambulance arrived.  The firefighter was transported to Gibson Area Hospital for treatment.

During the drill, the Gibson City Police Department and Ford County Sheriff's Office took care of watching the perimeter of the plant and setting up road blocks.  The Saybrook Fire Department did rehab monitoring of the Gibson City fire Department.

The drill was them terminated, and all participants in the drill had a debriefing on how the drill went and to voice any concerns that were present.

"We are pleased to have these types of resources in our community, just in case we need them" said Steve Kelly, president of One Earth Energy.  "Our process is very safe, but it is important that we exercise our responders as well as our internal team so we are prepared", said Kelly.

The drill was prepared and managed by Safety First of Urbana and the Safety Manager of One Earth Energy.  Safety First is a safety consulting company that partners with companies like One Earth Energy to prepare, train and consult. Safety First has been in business since 2002 and serves clients all over the U.S.

"It is great to work with a client that makes safety a No. 1 priority", said Rhonda Foster, owner of Safety First. " One Earth goes the extra mile when it comes to safety, and that says a lot for their company"

Article curtesy of the Ford County Record

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Mission Statement

We are committed to being an efficient producer of ethanol and distillers' grain, maximizing returns, and enhancing the economic development of American agriculture.

We intend to add value to locally grown grains by providing a local outlet to process the corn grown in the area, and at the same time, increase the total demand for corn in this region. To meet this mission, we will provide a processing facility that will allow members to invest in a growing industry.