OEE Grain Contracts and Policies

Effective September 1, 2023

Forward Cash Contracting

  • We offer forward contracting to price corn for either a nearby contract or for delivery in a future month.
  • Prices are quoted off the CBOT Futures price +/- our basis, to equate a cash price.

Basis Contracts

  • Basis contracts will be written against the corresponding futures month for that delivery period.
  • Seller may roll the basis contract to the following futures month twice only.
  • Contract must be priced or rolled by the last trading day before First Notice Day.
  • Basis will be adjusted for the market spread between the futures months upon rolling.
  • A $0.01 cent fee per bushel will be added onto the spread for the roll.
  • There will be no rolling of basis contracts between crop years (New crop year starts Sept. 1st each year).
  • An advance payment may be issued at 80% of the cash value, the day the advance is requested.

HTA/Fixed Futures contracts

  • Sellers may set the futures price for nearby or future CBOT contract months.
  • Seller will pick a 30 day shipment period that corresponds to that futures month.
  • HTA contracts may be rolled forward.
  • A fee of $0.08 cents per bushel will come off the futures price 
  • Basis must be set upon the start of delivery of the HTA contract.

Spot Contracts

  • We will generally accept spot contracts any day we are taking delivery of corn.
  • Customers who deliver corn without any contract on the books will have their grain placed on a spot contract.
  • Spot bushels are priced at the closing bid for the Business day in which they were delivered.


  • 18 cent minimum thru Dec,31,2023 then 4 cents per bu. per month pro-rated daily until Aug.,28,2024
  • Bushels will be shrunk and dried to 15.0% moisture.
  • Can set price anytime the CBOT is trading, before August 28,2024 and posted basis will apply.
  • Title will pass to One Earth Energy at time of delivery. Must inform Grain Buyer before delivery of intentions to use PL Contract.  

Other grain policies

We will apply tickets to the seller’s oldest contracts first. Contract overruns are applied to the next open contract within the delivery period.

Overrun without a contract or without previous arrangements made will be placed on a spot contract the day of delivery by default. If you would like your overrun on a basis or other contract, you must notify us before your contract is full.

Please try to communicate bushel or check splits before starting delivery.

You may defer payment of your contract if you wish.

All contracts must be signed and returned before payment will be issued.

Thank you for your business.

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